Birds of a Feather...

This past spring (2008) I bought a bird feeder with anti squirrel mechanisms. Muahahaha. Very nice indeed, though it was soon shown up my my mothers bird feeder that also discourages larger birds from (crows, blue jays) from stealing all the yummy seed. Anyway much to my chagrin most of the birds that showed up were starlings, and their talent for devouring food should be legendary!

Upside was that the feeder attracted two pairs of cardinals, chickadees, wrens, blue jays etc. By the time fall came around I stopped filling the feeder, the rate of starlings emptied it was just not cost effective!

Anyway I've started feeding the birds again and it took most of a month for the starlings to find my back yard! Its been a lot of fun to watch the birds with my cats, having trees and bushes in the yard has really helped encourage day-long bird activity. The juncos and wrens hang out in the grapevine and berry bushes in between eating. Cute! I think next on my list is binoculars for increased bird identification accuracy!


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