Meet the Cats

I'd like to introduce my crazy cats. Jack, who when not taking naps is bent on the destruction of my apartment, and probably world domination. The extra toes help him out in that arena. He really is very cute, he likes to ride around on shoulders, play fetch, hide in dark caves (boxes), make dolphin noises at birds, eat raisins, and terrorize his big sister Mia. Fortunately he's starting to mellow a little. Phew!

He was rescued through a fab group of people who foster cats and get them ready to be adopted. Some day when I have a big house I'm gonna' foster kitties too! Foster programs are such good programs that should be supported and appreciated! Breaks my heart how many cats need homes and care.

Mia I adopted a while ago 3 1/2 years ago give or take. She used to be this tiny little squirrel cat, her tail was bigger than the rest of her body! At some point a long the way she discovered food. Poor little kitty hates diets! We still love her and her floofly-ness though. Mia likes to womp on Jack, play tag with her people and prefers her toys to be marinated in Catnip. Also soft blankets make for a happy kitty.

Mia was rescued the old fashioned way, a friend of a friend of a friend found two sad little kittens who lost their mother and needed good homes. I mean how can you say no to that gray fuzzy love?


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