Fresh Lettuce, fun in the sun!

My salad garden, a jungle of arugula, and canopy thats become a habitat of little toads. The toads are great since I don't spray for snails of slugs, and the birds can only do so much, they are most welcome. And cute. There is Arugula (rocket), mesclun mix lettuce, and some loose leaf lettuce towards the back. I was also given three plants of spinach... but those are still working themselves out.

I have really more than enough for 2 people, and more more than enough for 1 person and a boyfriend who only some times eats salad. Maybe its time for a little farm stand?

Normally I had eaten store bought baby arugula, very yummy, but I'd never had older leaves of it. I really love it, that leafy peppery spiciness, delicious! There's really no excuse for everyone not to be growing at least a little window box full of the stuff! I know I'll be growing this for as long as I can this growing season. (Last year it took 3 frosts to kill the arugula!)


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