Orange Goodness under an Orange Sun

At 9pm, after a day of eating healthy good for you, fresh veggie laden meals, whats a girl gona snack on? Snacking gluten free is kind of a chore! Either you need to always have some baked bread on hand (ha!) or have recently gone to the store for your favorite rice crisps. But lets face it, for that evening snack who wants healthy things? (well I do, but I don't want it to taste healthy).

Which brings me to my other dilemma that I'm sure is far from uncommon among food allergy sufferers, after a certain point, after the novelty has worn off, quick, or pre-made snacks seem like mana from heaven. I was never really into baking to begin with when it was "easy" with gluten and all. Now that I have the privalge to bake with 9million differnt flours, the pros and cons of gluten free baking, or use of any g/f flour is very apparent to me.

The upside is that right now I'm snacking on some very delicious pancakes that were whiped up in no time, (about 2 fist sized) and happliy munched on. Thank goodness for Pamelas pancake mix, its as painless as bisquick, and super yummy. Also it handles changes and add-ons to the recipie really well. Really, I under stand the cost issues, but at some point the cost of my time trying finess a from scratch anything... oy.

My second and photographed snack is from the freezer, g/f waffels. Vans Wheat Free Waffles, I really enjoy the flax seed kind with added benifit of omegas. Whoo.

Though really the best part of all this is the home made jam on top. Yep, I really enjoy jaming but not baking, which ever. This delightfulness is an Orange Apricot Resling Jam that I was so inspired to make after reading this blog post at Vanila Garlic. (And then featured at Simply Recipes recently which reminded me to post about it) I enjoy apricots and Resling so It seemd like a fab idea. Though access to apricots around my area is, iffy. I had also manged in June to accumulate a lot of oranges in the house since I was the only one eating them but thought other people would eat them. Anyway it was a situation of be used or neglected. I used dried apricots, lots of oranges and 1 lemon plus zest and a healthy guestamet on the Resling. Since this was all the way from June I can't remember the ratios but they were all roughly based on Vanila Garlics recipe, and some quick research on fruit quanties in regular jams. All in all its some of the best jam I've made lately, it may top my clementine marmalade. I may have to have a jam off this winter holiday.


Eithne Nicole said...

Hrm. I still have those berries in my fridge that need to be jamified like with all due haste. hrm hrm hrm.

(and srsly. the pictures made me hungry.)

Elisabeth said...

hmm sounds like jam jam time! :) The pictures make me hungry too!

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