Random meal of the week

Lunch time gets random for me, I'm very dependent on leftovers to make a meal. Which is why I generally make a little extra at dinner. Its 80 degrees right now, and a hot bowl of pasta, might send me into a heat stroke! As a result, some of my better lunch time meals are several things at once.

Leftover rice, not much left was heated up, green onions were chopped and sauteed up with a little canola and sesame oil. Once they softened a little I tossed the rice into the pan and mixed it up. A little g/f soy sauce and sambal oleck. Voila.

Earlier I made some hard boiled eggs and made them into a no fuss egg salad. And made some "marinated" cukes. Sliced a large cucumber, one small tomato (from the garden!) , and small carrot that I julienne with my new julienne gizmo. To this I added rice vinegar (my new favorite vin at the moment) a little cider vinegar, a touch of canola oil (or any light oil) , pinch of salt, and red pepper flakes. My motto is that every thing tastes a little better with some heat!

(I'm finding that the less breads (and I mean g/f breads), baked goods and pasta that I eat, and the more veggies and fruit, the better I feel. Which is interesting phenomena since starting out just not eating wheat and gluten had helped. I wonder what it is about those sort of starches that throw me off? )

Anyway, Happy Summer time Random Eating!


Eithne Nicole said...

that looks really delicious.

g/f soy sauce though? i'm confused... i didn't think there was any gluten in it?

Elisabeth said...

unfortunately shoyu or standard soy sauce is fermented with wheat. for a while the brand La Choy was considered g/f because it was mainly food coloring and artificial flavors! Tamari sauce is fermented with soybean paste and never wheat, so its considered gluten free. Most Tamari tastes just like regular shoyu, though some are thick like a marinade? But yeah, even soy sauce. But for about 3 bucks delicious tamari sauce!

Eithne Nicole said...

How crazy is that... I never would have guessed.

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