Summertime Potato Salad

Starting to get to that point where I need to start doing things with my tomatoes. It's polite to not just pick and eat so that other people can eat them, and they taste so good for dinner. This turned into a slightly more complex way of using them up, than just a little olive oil and vinegar tossed over them, yummy none the less.

Something about Summer says potato salad. But those gloppy mayo laden salads that grace some tables is a little gross to me. Not that I don't like mayo, it has its place in the kitchen, as a back ground seasoning where the yummy flavors of summer can be featured. Its a little like glue, you need it, but to much and it just gets every where. This was also a nice way to have most of dinner ready before noon, and then throw some meat on the grill and serve on a bed of lettuce.
This is a much lighter herby and slightly sweet dressing, the rice vinegar give this really nice smooth taste.

A few notes about the recipe, I used a blender which helped emulsify the dressing and chop the herbs, but I didn't pay any or much attention to the amounts I was putting in. Treat the ratios like you would a regular salad dressing, but a little light on the olive oil since you are adding mayo, and the mayo thickens it a little. Pour the dressing on in small amounts until you get the coverage you want.

About 1 hr prep & make refrigerate over night or 5 hrs to marinate the flavors. Probably serve 4 as a side dish.

For the Dressing:

3 tbs lite mayo (i just got out a spoon and eye balled it in)
aprox 1/4 rice vinegar & red wine vinegar
salt & pepper to taste
honey - probably a tsp.
olive oil
handful of in decreasing amounts parsley, thyme, tarragon, rosemary,basil
large garlic clove
1/3 of sauteed onions

6 russet potatoes
large hand full of cherry tomatoes from garden
2 small corn cobs
10 green beans
2 yellow onions
tbs balsamic vinegar
red pepper flakes

Place potatoes in pot of cold salted water and bring to boil about 15 -20 minutes. Mean wheile start dressing, starting with the garlic and herbs, if doing it by hand everything was finely diced. Then add rest of dressing ingredients to blender. Thinly slice onions and saute until soft with olive oil and about 1 tbs of balsamic vinegar and red pepper flakes to taste . Chop tomatoes green beans and set aside. When potatoes are done let them cool and chop up, I left some of the skins on, but probably skinned about half of them. Pour a little of the dressing over them to start the seasoning process. Bring pot of water to boil and cook corn cobs. When cooled enough to handle strip cobs and add to potatoes. When the onions are softened add about half to the potatoes and put the rest in the dressing. Blend until smooth. Add the tomatoes and green beans last and then pour rest of dressing in, toss and refrigerate.

* My potatoes and corn were still warm so I added the cold veggies last so I didn't cook them. Also this was what I had on hand, there are lots of other veggies that you could add. The herbs might seem random, but together they create a nice flavor that isn't distinct to just one herb.


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