Little Update

I haven't been posting much, aside from spending to much time on facebook. But! that doesn't mean I haven't been a busy bee. Things have been cooking, and I've tested recipes on my willing though some times reluctant boyfriend. Have I mentioned that I just can't follow a recipe. No matter what I always change something, add something, or do it a completely different way. Which also make writing recipes a little challenging because I try and give my meals a lot of wiggle room. Since the likely hood of me running to the store 10 minutes before dinner to get that one all "important" ingredient. Not likely. And if I'm really hungry - not taking a picture of the final project, is bound to happen.

I've been squirreling things away all month. If the Apocalypse included working freezers I'd have a head start on surviving the nuclear winter. Of course I'd be full but I sill need a personal fallout shelter... working on that. (Though I'm probably just sensing fall.) I have made and tucked away delish english muffins, tasty blueberry muffins, two quart bags of frozen basil, frozen parsley, bread crumbs, and sliced bread loaf. I've also canned two kinds of jam, and whipped up wonderful peach pie.

The garden has been very plentiful, and the farmers market fun (until in a clutzy moment you fall and bang your knee...) I'm kind of wishing I had a pressure canning device - I have a small mountain of tomatoes that would be great stashed away for the winter. The 13 habanero plants are grow grow growing away - covered in little hot peppers. The first of which has started to ripen. Can my spice obsessed b/f wait before plucking it so we can see if it will actually turn red? A true dilemma. I'm hoping to make hot sauce out of my habaneros - so could they all please turn at the same time? I have a variety of hot sauce and sambal recipes that I'd like to can, or at the least get the ball rolling. So projects abound and classes start soon, so its get it done or go bust.