Gardens Vs. Year

A little re-cap of my gardens since 2008, I don't seem to have a picture from 2007 but it was a small shared garden with my down stairs neighbors. It's been a bit of a learning experience, what works and what doesn't. But in general if your nice to your veggies they'll be nice to you!

2009 When everything was first planted and of course the ubiquitous flamingo.

2009 after we moved to the new place, narrow little bit of thing but I packed stuff in and it grew!

2009 -Before we moved mostly herbs and lettuce and a lot of things potted up in anticipation for a smaller garden. Though just realized I forgot to bring my columbines with me. *pouting*

2008 double the size of 2007 and 2009, It needs 2 pictures to show how big it was, the pea rows in the middle block the view a tad.

The other half... (2008) It was a lot of fun having a large garden and the backyard to accommodate it !


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